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What makes Orchard distinctive?


The Orchard Multi-Academy Trust is located within the picturesque county of Herefordshire.

The Trust aims to cultivate the right conditions for the schools under its care to let their own individual identities blossom within an ethos of collaboration, sharing resources and best practice.


The distinctive principles are:


  • Inclusivity of Church of England and Community academies.

  • Focusing on the whole child as well as academic outcomes.

  • The positive culture of our academies.

  • Prioritising health and well-being for all.

  • Valuing the contribution of everyone across the Trust.

  • Respect for all.

  • Enrichment opportunities for pupils to bring the curriculum to life.

  • Inclusion and equality of opportunity for all and celebrating diversity.

  • Continuing Professional Development and dialogue as a key driver for academy  improvement.

  • Best practice in financial matters.

  • Safe, secure and outstanding buildings for all our workers and families.

  • Belief that everyone can achieve, no matter what their circumstances or starting points.


Orchard Multi Academy Trust Vision:

The simple vision of the Orchard Multi-Academy Trust is to help each of its member schools- and subsequently all of their respective pupils, staff and wider community- to grow and flourish.



As our vision as a MAT is to help each individual member to flourish, we support each school’s individual values-based approach to learning, which stems from their own unique vision. With regards to the Church of England schools under our care, the vision and values will be explicitly Christian.


What does it mean to flourish?

To use the imagery of an orchard, a tree may grow and develop fruit but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will flourish. A tree that flourishes grows well and develops an abundance of fruit as a result of being in the perfect environment for its needs.   

For the schools within the Trust that are Church of England Academies, there is an added branch to what it means to flourish. The Church of England calls its schools to help pupils to explore Jesus’ promise of life in all its fullness (John 10:10). Flourishing for the Church of England academies under our care means providing the best environment for all pupils to grow their own faith and develop the Fruits of the Spirit.

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