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The Rolle League is a tag rugby league for Orchard sports schools and friends. Taking on a new format in 2022/23 due to increasing numbers, the league is split into two divisions: North & South. Each team plays those in their division home and away and the winners of each division go on to play each other in a final to try and lift the trophy. 

Matches are 15 minutes each way and 7-a-side (Maximum squad size of 9 with at least 2 players from LKS2). It's 3pts for a win, 2pts for a draw and 1pt for a loss. 

The Rolle League also has a unique rule which enables teams to "win tags back". Where teams traditionally work their way up to 6 tags before a turnover, they can have their tag count reduced by passing before a tackle. So, for example, if a team is on 5 tags and a player passes to a teammate before being tagged themselves the count will reduce to 4. We believe that this encourages players to pass before being tackled and helps make the transition to contact rugby outside of school or at KS3 much easier.  

The Rolle League:

Roll of Honour

2022 Champions:


2021: -

2020: Burghill (Grandslam)

2019: Burghill (Grandslam)

2018: Kingsland (Grandslam)

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