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"Thank you for running this trip. On his first day in Year 7 my son spotted a boy from another primary school he went surfing with. He went and sat next to him and they've been best friends ever since."

- Parent of a former pupil.

"It increased my confidence in making new friends in preparation for going to high school. Plus it was a fun activity and new experience for me!"

- Former pupil.

Surfing to High School is an experience we offer to a select number of children in our Year 6 classes across the Orchard partnership. The experience prioritises those individuals who may be the only pupil in their cohort going to a specific high school as well as some pupils who may just need a little nudge to help them realise that they can socialise with others and making friends in Year 7 won't be as tricky as they perhaps thought.

We travel to The Wave in Bristol, which provides the children with a unique inland surfing experience. Here, the children from across the partnership are all mixed together to take part in their dry land lesson where they learn the basics of surfing. From there, everyone enters the water with the venue's instructors and they spend up to an hour amongst the waves - learning a new skill and making new friends at the same time.  

At the end of the experience, it's truly heart-warming to see the children laughing and chatting away about their experiences with children they hadn't known before they met them that day.

This trip is entirely funded by the government's PE and Sport Premium Funding for Primary Schools, making it accessible to pupils of all socio-economic backgrounds.

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